Snoqualmie Falls 6-18

Snoqualmie Falls Tournament

To the brave group that tromped through the mud and water, thank you all for coming out.  One of these days we will get to golf in sunny weather.

The results of our tournament at Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course are below.  Congratulations to Joe Ehle for putting together a solid round (or having an extremely high handicap).

1Joe Ehle41$35.00
2Andrew Schafer35$28.00
T3Gary Wong30$18.20
T3Brian Ehle30$18.20
5Ken Batali28$12.60
T6Andrew Mattson27$7.70
T6Arnold Torres27$7.70
8Phillip Horvath24$5.60
T9Katie Gillis23$3.50
T9Odie Lotuaco23$3.50
Low Putts
Gary Wong27$10.00
Net Skins
Joe Ehle3$12.50Birdie on 3, Birdie on 8, Eagle on 17
Katie Gillis1$4.17Birdie on 13
Andrew Mattson1$4.17Eagle on 7
Andrew Schafer1$4.17Birdie on 9
Gross Skins
Joe Ehle2$8.33Par on 8, Birdie on 17
Andrew Mattson1$4.17Birdie on 7
Andrew Schafer1$4.17Par on 9
Arnold Torres1$4.17Birdie on 11
Phillip Horvath1$4.17Birdie on 14
Gary Wong27
Joe Ehle30
Ken Batali31
Arnold Torres31
Andrew Schafer32
Andrew Mattson32
Brian Ehle33
Phillip Horvath34
Katie Gillis37
Odie Lotuaco37
Prize MoneyTotal
Joe Ehle$55.83
Andrew Schafer$36.34
Gary Wong$28.20
Brian Ehle$18.20
Ken Batali$12.60
Andrew Mattson$16.04
Arnold Torres$11.87
Phillip Horvath$9.77
Katie Gillis$7.67
Odie Lotuaco$3.50